Shipping & returns
What is your shipping policy?
We ship the box between 1 or 2 working days. Within the Netherlands  and Belgium we ship with PostNL. The package usually arrives between 1 or 2 working days. Please note that it does happen that the postal service has a delay, please know that this is out of our hands. If this results in any problems, please contact us so that we can help you. 

What is your return policy?
Returning a box is only possible if the box is not opened and complete. We do not take responsibility for the shipping costs of the return, unless the reason of return is any mistake or fault on our side. Please contact us about such inqueries. Returning an opened and incomplete box is not possible. Returning a box because your dog does not like a certain toy is also not possible. In such a case we recommend you to find another dog who would enjoy the toy or snack. 


What is a Happy tail Box?
The Happy Tail box is a monthly themed box for your dog filled with goodies from toys and chews to treats, snacks and something for you.

Can you make exceptions or do you take special requests?
Yes we love this, please contact us and our team will get to work! Examples are: older dogs, allergies or specific dislikes. 

What is a Puppy box?
The Puppy box is a giftbox for puppies. 
For your own pup or as a puppyshower gift!
This box is filled with soft puppy toys, treats, chewies and gadgets for their moms and dads to train with.

Is it possible to send my giftbox to a different adress as a surprise?
Definitely, you can fill in a different shippingadress at checkout. You can also add a message in the checkout process.

Do I need a subscription?
Though we would like you to not miss out on the new monthly themed boxes, you don’t need a subscription and you can just purchase a box whenever you want.

How does a subscription work?
Just follow the steps at the Happy tail box page, check out and a few days later you can find your first Happy Tail box at the hands of your delivery man waiting for you at the door. Then, when a month passes by, again a new box arrives at your doorstep, this time with a whole new theme!

How do I pay for my subscription?
The payment for your subscription will be done automaticaly every month on the same day you made your first payment when subscribing.

When do I receive my Happy tail box?
When you subscribe and made the first payment your first box will be send to you the next day. A month later on the same day we will be sending the next awesome box and the next month and the next month, until your subscription ends.

How do I cancel my subscription?
If there is any reason to do so, you can always cancel your subscription in your account. Just login on your account on the homepage.