Limited edition Merry tail box now available! 

Welcome on our special Christmas page, a page dedicated to our limited editon dog christmasbox: the merry tail box.

honden kerstbox


Has your dog been good this year?
We think every dog deserves a christmas present.

The merriest dog christmasbox present is here

This year we are going all out for Christmas. Christmas is celebrated differently by everybody, but we feel thank our family dogs shoul be included in the festivities. That is why we bring you the Merry tail box. This is the perfect present for every dog and owner. It is a dog christmasbox. Because we think that dog should find something under the christmas tree. What is better than bringing your dog a christmas present?

The team of Uncle Percy has done their absolute best to create the most jolly box possible. We hope you will love it as much as we do. Read on to find out more about the Merry tail box. We designed a classic christmas illustration and found the best christmas related toys and treat. So perhaps your dog, or your neighbor’s dog, or your friend’s dog will find a dog christmasbox under the christmas tree? Please read on for more information about our box. 

Uncle Percy wishes you happy holidays: celebrate by giving your dog the best box

We could not let Christmas pass silently by. It is our favorite holiday of the year. That is why we offer our limited Edition Christmas special, an amazing dog christmasbox:

honden kerstbox cadeau kerst
honden kerstbox cadeau kerst

We wrote a little blog about our dog christmasbox: read (NL)

honden kerstbox cadeau kerst