The best gift box for every dog

The Happy Tail box is a unique gift box suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The box is put together manually every month and we make a selection from the tastiest snacks and the most unique toys. This surprise box for dogs is great for birthdays, for dog friends or just because your dog has done his best! We can also take allergies or other restrictions into account. Maybe your dog is very old or he or she just really doesn’t like soft cuddles. Let us know and we will take up the challenge to make the gift box for your dog a party too! 

gift box dog

The surprise box for your dog! Wagging guaranteed.

A super fun gift box for dogs, filled with carefully selected toys, delicious treats, challenging brain games, training supplies and much more!

We like to surprise you – every quarter we offer a completely new content. In addition, the design of the box also changes! This is how we like to keep loyal pack members happy.


The Happy Tail box is the best surprise box for dogs

Have you become curious about our gift box for dogs? Here you can see an unboxing video of one of our first boxes. These amazing dogs you see here are @dutchtollers’ Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Instagram) . The contents of the box change often. Take a look at our toys and snack range, we often select toys from our current range. This way you can secretly get a small picture of the contents of the box. In addition, we like to process requests from owners in the box, some dogs just don’t like chicken, for example. We are happy to take this into account. Every surprise box for dogs is a little different. 

Uncle Percy’s Happy Tail Box is the ultimate gift for any dog and dog owner. The contents of the box are always handpicked, as is the design. Each month has a different theme. We hope you love the story each illustration tells as much as we do. We also pay attention to the safety of the toys and snacks.

Do you have a dog with allergies, an older dog or any other special request? Feel free to contact us, our team is happy to take special requests. We believe that every dog deserves a wagging tail, so we’ll do our best to create a box that fits your needs!

We love to make dogs wag their tails, so these pictures make us happy!

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