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Puppy box

We offer the perfect gift for new, future or current  puppy owners.  The box is filled with puppy proof toys, treats and trainingsupplies. We sniffed out the best safe, durable and fun stuff, to make sure that  receiving this is a party for puppies and owners.

Why the puppy box?

A new family member? In search for a little something to make you furball happy? Then wait no longer and get your puppy box now. It is also perfectly suitable as a cute gift to someone else. We make sure it will be a party for the whole pack!

What is in the box?

In the puppy box you will find a surprising mix of puppy-proof toys, chews, treats and more (yes we haven't forgotten the owner!). The puppy box comes in three different size options (ranging from small pups to large pups). So the content of the boxes might be different.

afbeelding van puppy pakket

Puppy box

What's more exciting than this?

Puppy box

Purchase the perfect box full of toys, treats and chews. Quickly delivered to your door. We promise that both you and your puppy will have a little party when the box arrives! Available in three different sizes (S-M-L). 


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